THECHAMPIONSHIP is most likely the showpiece of CHALLENGEFAMILY‘s international race calendar. This can be seen not only in the very strong pro field, but also in the livestream that will broadcast the entire race. This livestream will be broadcasted on both Slovakian and Czech television and

With very strong athletes like Sebastian Kienle, Frederic Funk, Rodolphe von Berg, Florian Angert, Mauricio Méndez Cruz, Sarah Lewis, Lucy Charles, Anne Haug, Daniela Bleymehl and Radka Kahlefeldt at the start, THECHAMPIONSHIP is one of the most important races in the world. Everyone is competing against each other here for one of the most prestigious titles to win. That’s why CHALLENGEFAMILY chooses to broadcast this race in the best possible way. ,,CHALLENGEFAMILY is #AllAboutTheAthlete and has always championed the support of triathlon fans worldwide to grow our wonderful sport of triathlon. Our live stream of THECHAMPIONSHIP 2019 gives those who cannot make it to THECHAMPIONSHIP in Samorin/Slovakia in the center of Europe, the chance to follow the pro athletes and age group athletes live as they compete”, says CHALLENGEFAMILY CEO Zibi Szlufcik.

The livestream will begin 30 minutes before the start of the race and will not stop until after the finish. Thanks to this, fans will not only see the race itself, but also all the excitement before the race, the nerves of the athletes and of course, after the finish, all the joy. ,,Live streaming the race not only highlights the remarkable pro athletes racing, but also showcases the incredible venue, in addition to the amazing atmosphere of THECHAMPIONSHIP 2019 as a whole and according to our experience of last year we expect hundreds of thousands watching and setting new standards in triathlon”, says Szlufcik.

The livestream will be provided with extensive commentary by John Levison and Laura Siddall. Levison did the same last year, while Siddall herself is a pro athlete and ambassador of CHALLENGEFAMILY. During the livestream they will tell what happens during the race, but they will also provide all the spectators with interesting background information about everything you need to know.

Also for the hosting venue it will be another spectacular event and Richard Ungerhofer, Chairman of the Board of the x-bionic® sphere is more than happy to contribute to make this race a success: “We are absolutely proud to host THECHAMPIONSHIP in a third consecutive year and support the growth of the triathlon sport world-wide. With over 60 nations racing and a world-class livestream, we will provide the opportunity to share the experience of the athletes with their friends and families globally and showcase the drama of the race as well as the beauty of the x-bionic® sphere.“