Challenge Family is proud to have a pro athlete world bonus scheme connected to its races. The initiative provides professional athletes with the opportunity to race for a share of a US$125,000 end-of-season bonus as well as a prize purse at the races. The World Bonus starts with the first Challenge Family / Clash event in 2022 and ends with the last race taking place in 2022.

The US$125k bonus pays five deep across both men and women with the top ranked pros taking home $25k, second will earn $16.5k and third will win $12k, fourth $6k and fifth $3k.

Ranking is decided through a points system based on placings earned. Athletes are only able to count their six best Challenge Family or Clash races during the season, of which no more than one can be a long distance race (226km). In the advent of a tie, the prize money will be shared. Unlike the 2020/2021 season, no bonus points can be won at the Collins Cup in 2022.

For all other Challenge Family race prize purses and full breakdowns, please go to the individual race websites or contact Belinda Granger:

Below you will find an overview with all participating races and the corresponding points.

Long distance world bonus points breakdown 

Open this link to see all long distance races.

Placing Points Points Roth
1st 500 600
2nd 450 500
3rd 350 400
4th 250 300
5th 200 250
6th 150 175
7th 120 140
8th 90 100
9th 60 70
10th 30 35

Middle distance world bonus points breakdown

Open this link to see all middle distance races.

Placing Points
1st 250
2nd 200
3rd 150
4th 100
5th 75
6th 50

Special world bonus points at THECHAMPIONSHIP

THECHAMPIONSHIP will have a higher points breakdown for the World Ranking.

Placing Points
1st 400
2nd 300
3rd 200
4th 150
5th 100
6th 80
7th 60
8th 40
9th 20
10th 10

Winners 2020/2021

1325 points

Patrick Lange

1925 points

Anne Haug

1080 points

Magnus Ditlev

1530 points

Sarissa de Vries

1050 points

Frederic Funk

1450 points

Lucy Hall

Ranking 2022



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