The CHALLENGEFAMILY team is driven by the same thing that drives athletes! The passion to push limits, to perform at our best and to enjoy what we do in style.

CHALLENGEFAMILY is a global series of triathlon and endurance sport festivals including long-distance races that is changing the face of triathlon racing around the world. Featuring spectacular courses in iconic destinations. CHALLENGEFAMILY events focus on delivering a quality festival experience to athletes of all ages and abilities. As well we are creating a memorable spectator experience that captures all the excitement and emotion of this inspirational sport.

CHALLENGEFAMILY is going above and beyond! We are achieving this with the highest possible respect for the legacy of the sport of triathlon, the athletes, hosting communities, media, sport governing bodies, environment and industry partners.

We – the team – are creating innovative platforms for sustained growth; and together with our partners sharing our ethical values and business morals.

  • Zibi Szlufcik
    Zibi Szlufcik President of the Board
  • Jort Vlam
    Jort Vlam CEO
  • Jefry Visser
    Jefry Visser COO
  • Richard Belderok
    Richard Belderok CTO
  • Tomas Vrzak
    Tomas Vrzak Head of Global Operations
  • Josep Balaña Rovira
    Josep Balaña Rovira Project Manager Race Director Services & Operations
  • Victoria Murray-Orr
    Victoria Murray-Orr Global Marketing & Communications
  • Juanan Fernández
    Juanan Fernández Quality Management South Europa & South America
  • Belinda Granger
    Belinda Granger Pro Athlete Liason
  • Jovi Lo
    Jovi Lo Quality Management Asia Pacific region
  • Roann Chen
    Roann Chen Quality Management Asia Pacific region
  • Bill Roxburgh
    Bill Roxburgh Quality Management Pacific region