Long Distance Racing Returns to Korea with Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum

Triathlon’s ultimate distance is back in Korea with the announcement of the 226km Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum on 4 June 2023. Following a successful middle distance race in May this year, won by Australia’s Steve McKenna and Dimity-Lee Duke, the Challenge Korea team were committed to bring the 226km distance to the beautiful Korean coastline.

“We’re delighted to work with James and his team to establish the long distance race in Korea on our calendar for 2023,” said Challenge Family CEO, Jort Vlam. “Saemangeum is an extraordinary destination in that it is all on unclaimed land and the course, along the world’s longest sea wall, is totally unique. Where else can you race between islands along a fast, smooth highway, surrounded by ocean? We’re extremely grateful to the Gunsan city government and local community for their support.”

“Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum is an event organised by triathletes for triathletes. From all over the world, triathletes who are passionate about the wonderful sport of triathlon are gathering at Gunsan-Saemangeum, the best venue in Asia,” said James Lee, race director. “Challenge Family is a real family and, along with a safe and fair race, you will experience the same friendly and welcoming atmosphere here that you experience at any Challenge event around the world. Many people are passionately preparing to make the most memorable race of your life and I would like to thank the management team, hundreds of volunteers, sponsors, and officials from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, KSPO, Korea Triathlon Federation, Jeollabuk-Do, and Gunsan City. I have no doubt you will have an amazing race at Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum, the course is spectacular, and the city government support is outstanding. Enjoy the race and see you at the finish line!”

The two-lap 3.8km swim starts from Bieung Beach in the calm waters of the Yellow Sea. The two-lap 180km bike heads out along the record-breaking Saemangeum Seawall before island-hopping through the Gogunsan Archipelago to Seonyudo Island and returning for lap two. The marathon runs through the Saemangeum Project, Korea’s largest reclamation area and a vibrant green waterfront city that promotes harmony with nature.

For further information and entries for Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum, both the long and middle distance, please visit www.challenge-korea.com