“Hero of the People” Promotion


We are proud to announce that we will hold a “Hero of the People” promotion to support the entire cost of participating in the 2024 Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum for police officers and firefighters who always work hard behind our society.

If you want to participate in the 2024 Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum, as you are currently a police officer or firefighter
Please send us your ID card and email address to foreverwon99@gmail.com or info@challenge-korea.com, we will email you a registration link including the discount code.

If you’ve already registered, please let us know your name, date of birth, and email address

We will refund the entire participation fee excluding the active fee (you do not need to re-register).

Once again, thank you for your hard work in protecting the safety and well-being of the people

See you at the finish line!