Triathlon “festival” returns back to Prague in July – The capacity of the race is 1500 participants and number of applications is raising


Triathlon “festival” returns back to Prague in July
The capacity of the race is 1500 participants and number of applications is raising

19th March 2018 – It was an extraordinarily successful premiere. Prague was ruled by triathletes in July 2017. In the first edition of FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE more than 1000 participants went to compete in different categories. The second edition which is planned on Saturday, 28th July has the same spirit: four months before the start the organizers of the biggest triathlon event in the Czech Republic have already received almost 800 applications.

“The interest of participants is huge, but the capacity of the race is limited to 1500 triathletes. I believe that we will fill up the capacity a few weeks before the race. We have also noticed that number of participants from abroad has risen significantly and today we have in our systems more than 37 nationalities from all over the world. The success of the last year’s event is a huge commitment for us, that is why we are intensively working on the preparation: to offer the best service and experience to all participants. In the long term, we want to compete with the most prestigious races in Europe,” said Tomas Vrzak, race director of FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE.

“Current interest in the races and status of applications are a clear proof that last year was a success in all areas. We aspired for a place in the Challenge Family series for a long time and we are glad that right at the premiere we confirmed that we deserve a place in this prestigious series,” stated Lenka Kovarova, chairman of the Czech Triathlon Association.

“FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE has immediately after the first year become an iconic and unique race in the CHALLENGEFAMILY – worldwide triathlon series consisting of 41 races in 21 countries,” said Zbigniew Szlufcik, CEO of Challenge Family. “I would like to personally thank to all who organise FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE, not only to the organising team, but also to the Czech Triathlon Association and capital city of Prague for their support. Positive feedback of the race was really extraordinary. After the race both participants and media representatives wrote us enthusiastic messages. I am convinced that FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE has with its high organising standard, participants from all over the World and strong media coverage big potential to become one of the most important sporting events that happens in Prague.”

Last year’s premiere of FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE was won by Pieter Heemeryck from Belgium, who is trained by Czech coach Lubos Bilek. European champion in middle distance triathlon Andreas Dreitz finished as second, the third place belonged to his German colleague Patrick Dirksmeier. The first woman to finish last year was British Lucy Charles, second at the World Championship in the long distance triathlon at Hawaii 2017. Dutch Yvonne van Vlerken, second at the World Championship in long distance triathlon, finished as second and Polish triathlete Ewa Bugdol was third. Czech triathletes were also successful. On the best position Pavel Petrasek finished – as seventh overall. Simona Krivankova finished on the fourth place.

The second year of FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE will take place on Saturday, 28th July, when the participants will swim in the Vltava river, ride the bike and run in the centre of the Czech capital city. “The effort of sports federations and associations to enter the international stage in the field of organising international sporting events is definitely positive. Mainly when it is not an event only for the professionals, but also when general public can do the sports. In this I see the biggest asset of FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE. Last year’s interest in the race is a proof that people look for active possibilities of sporting. I am interested how many triathletes will come to the start in July,” said Milan Hnilicka, government commissioner for sport.

The same as last year, the start of the swimming part of the race will be on Strelecky island, the finish is located in Vítězná street. A lot of races are prepared – triathlete weekend will be opened on Friday by the running race of children on Strelecky island.

On Saturday the main race FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE, in which triathletes swim 1.9 km, ride a bike for 90 km and run for 21.1 km, is scheduled. The swimming part takes place in the surroundings of Strelecky island, after it, triathletes go two laps on the bike, that take the athletes out of the historical centre of Prague toward Vrané nad Vltavou direction and back and at last they will run four running laps, that go alongside both banks of the Vltava river through Rašínovo embankment, náplavka, Palackého Bridge and Janáčkovo embankment.

After the success in the last year, CHALLENGETRY-ATHLON race will be prepared again. It lures for the distances ten times shorter than long triathlon is. “It is a unique opportunity for all who would like to try out the triathlon or who did not train enough for longer distances. Our goal is to offer the participants an unforgettable experience of the atmosphere of the international race in the centre of Prague and top service, the same as we offer to the participants of the main race. By preparing of this category, we try to make triathlon attractive and popular between general public,” explains Vrzak.

CHALLENGEPRAGUE RELAYS, that we were very popular between the company teams, will not be missing.

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