Thousands of athletes are gearing up for Challenge Barcelona, 50 days out of the event!

With Frederic Funk, Emma Pallant-Browne, Sara Perez Sala, Margie Santimaria and David McNamee, among others, some of the best professional athletes will be at the start of Challenge Barcelona on Oct. 8, with over thirty professional athletes already registered. Equally impressive, nearly 2,500 Age Group athletes have already signed up for the race, which runs right through Barcelona’s city center.

While Challenge Barcelona is only fifty days away, due to the high number of registrations, only five hundred entry slots are still available. Professional athletes swim 1,500 meters, bike 60 kilometers and run 15 kilometers, and in addition, participants can also opt for an Olympic Distance, Sprint Distance or Super Sprint Distance.

More information can be found through the Challenge Barcelona website. Below you can get in the mood with the aftermovie of last year’s event.