The city of Herning in the heart of Denmark is all set for the triathlon bash of the year


The city of Herning in the heart of Denmark is all set for the triathlon bash of the year

A razersharp pro field will becrossing swords at Garmin Challenge Herning on Saturday June 9th. Anything can happen and there can be no predictions when the National Championships are at stake on both sprint and middle distances. Hundreds of age groupers will be racing side by side with the world elite, sharing the thrill, nervousness and excitement of this event.

 One of the strongest pro-fields you could wish for will be racing theirs hearts out to reach the podium in Herning in Denmark on Saturday. The Danish Championshiptitle is atstake on boththe sprint and middle distancesat Garmin Challenge Herning.

Among the favorites are Danish Camilla Pedersen and the BritsLaura Sidall and Frankie Sanjana amongthe women, while Swedish Jesper Svensson, German AndiDreitz and Danes Anders “Hightower” Christensen and Thomas Strange are likely to be leading the race forthe men’s podium.

An hour before the start of the middle distance in Herning, the elite triathletes will prove that sprintdistance triathlon is bothspectacular, highly entertaining, and spectator friendly. The swimming takes place in the beautiful Lake Fuglsang and is followed by the bike course, which takes the athletes on a 18,6 km scenic route to the cityof Herning, where they will run two 2,5 km loops to the finishline right in front of the City Hall.

The event is part of the DCTRI series for the elite in 2018, which contains 3 quality tournaments, through which the Danish champion in the short-distance triathlon 2018will be determined.

But it’s not only the professional athletes who are all warmedup to do their best in Herning. Hundreds of brave age grouptriathletes have trained long and hard, and on Saturday they willharvest the fruit of their work when they cross the finishline.

Triathlon for all

Challenge Denmark has made it theirmission to create the framework for familyfriendly triathlon raceswith a greater focus on the experience than the finish time.

“Triathlon may be hard and challenging. In fact, it should be. But first and foremost, it must be fun and it shouldn’t take overpeople’s livescompletely. That’s why we have addeda Challenge For All with 400 meters of swimming, 20 km of cycling and 5 km of running for those who want to try out triathlon without throwingthemselves intothe long distances,says Race Director Claus Vesterby.

Challenge For All takes place on smaller sections of the coursesfrom the main event, so the participants get the same experience – only on a smaller scale.

“Many modern peoplelive a sedentary life. Triathlon training offersa physical counterbalance,with lots of fresh air and exercise. You do not have to doa full distance to be a triathlete. The half distance, or similarly a Challenge For All, is just as great an experience and requires a more affordable number of training hours. But you still get the thrilland satisfaction of exceeding your own expectations. I think that’s what makes the sport so popular– that, and the community. It is important to recognise thatwhile triathlon is an individual sport, we see incrediblyclose friendshipsin the communityand out in thelocalclubs. We really get to see that support at our races where everyone cheers for each other and contributes to the great atmosphere. It’s a party every time. Few people can stand near the finishline without without getting goosebumps and tearful,” says Claus Vesterby.

Integral party for the spectators

There are months and years of hard training behind a race day like the one in Herning on June 9th. And behind every triathlete is a backdrop of patient and supportivefamily and friends. Therefore, the organizers are very much committed to making the race day their party as well.

“A triathlon race is exciting and fun, but it also involves some waiting time for the spectators. Our partners make sure that there are lots of things around the city, so that both young and old are well-entertained all day,” promises Vesterby.