The second Challenge Family Asia Pacific Championship will be host in Taiwan Taitung on November 18th.


Challenge Family which is the best triathlon event organizer will host the 2018 Challenge Family Asia Pacific The Championship on November 18th,2018. This triathlon is the first Asian triathlon Championship hosting in Taiwan. It will give you different experience from the others. This competition not only push you to challenge your limits but also combine the local culture in Taiwan Taitung and the international vision. Let the world see Taiwan and connect Taiwan to the world.

There will be over 3000 triathlete participate in Challenge Family Asia Pacific The Championship. This competition includes 113K(1.9K swimming,90K bicycling and 21.1K running). The professional athlete will chasing for the high bonuses and the champion title of the Asia Pacific champion. Challenge Family Asia Pacific The Championship will become the most age group division

Since 2016, Jovi Lo, The Asia Pacific executive director of the Challenge Family point out that Taitung is the triathlon resort of Taiwan. In order to let all triathletes and the world know the beauty of Taitung, Challenge Taiwan team strive to obtain the right of hosting Challenge Asia Pacific Championship in Taitung from Challenge Family general headquarters. Backing with vigorously support from Taitung county mayor Chien Ting Huang and Challenge Taiwan team strive for hosting Challenge Asia Pacific Championship. In 2018, Challenge Taiwan team obtain the official right to host Challenge Asia Pacific Championship, push the perfect track of Taitung to the world. In addition to the competition, Challenge Taiwan values the experience of the local culture to the athletes. Challenge Family Asia Pacific The Championship will take place in Taitung, which is the most beautiful backyard of Taiwan. The clear flowing Lake, the magnificent East Rift Valley coastline. Traditional culture of Taiwanese aborigines and the cheering from Taitung people are all included in Taitung. Help you forget your busy life and fine pure happiness.

The Taitung County government and Challenge Taiwan team will host Challenge Family Asia Pacific The Championship in the highest level and the best quality. In addition to high bonuses, the world’s triathletes star will gather in Taitung to make the triathlon shine and fever.