One ‘last dance’ for Sebastian Kienle, preparing for his last Long Distance

We would have loved to see Sebastian Kienle race at Challenge Samarkand, but just before the race he fell ill and even though he was present at the race venue, he was forced to decide not to start. Luckily, we can enjoy him one more time this season – his last year as a professional athlete. Kienle has announced that he will race one more Long Distance in 2023.

That means Kienle will battle for victory one more time on the Long Distance, which suits him best. Which race Kienle will pick is still unknown, but it is clear that Kienle wants to start because he wants to know before the start of the race, that it’s his last one. Previously, Kienle thought he would not do any more Long Distance racing after the Norseman, where he finished second, but he is now revisiting that decision. Below you can read why: