Magnus Ditlev: ‘Truly magical’

Magnus Ditlev won Challenge Roth for the second time in a row last weekend. In addition, he set the world best time: 7:24. Meanwhile, he is back in Denmark and is still “flabbergasted” by what he has experienced.

“Back home in Denmark again enjoying some easy days and letting the race and experience of a lifetime sink in after a great week in Roth.

“This was the best all round performance of my career so far with a front pack swim, a well paced bike ride and finishing with a personal best on the marathon run. I’m especially pleased to see all the hard work in the pool pay off in a race, and hopefully I’ll be able to swim in or near the front pack in the future too.

“As always, the amazing Challenge Roth crowds carried us through the race all day long and coming to the finish line after being pushed to my absolute limits all day makes this victory and a record time truly magical.”