Learning from the pro athletes: two crashes while mounting and dismounting bike

Pro athletes always race at the maximum of their ability. Everything goes as fast and as hard as possible and every second counts. Logically, that also means that occasionally things can go wrong, and last weekend Rico Bogen and Imogen Simmonds were good examples of that.

Rico Bogen, who became World Champion earlier this year, came speeding down T2 of Challenge Peguera-Mallorca, but in full speed he lost his balance, causing him to crash pretty hard. Fortunately, Bogen was able to continue his race as normal, but the footage is pretty intense.

Imogen Simmonds fortunately was also able to continue after her crash. She lost control of her bike as she ran out of T1. In the process, Simmonds overturned, landing first on her own bike to finally end up on the ground. Simmonds fortunately recovered well as she eventually won the race.

You can see both crashes here: