Kieran Lindars looks back on finishing Challenge Almere-Amsterdam: ‘I pushed myself to a new limit’

Defending champion Kieran Lindars finished second at the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam European Championships Long Distance three weeks ago. His finish in particular caught the attention of many people, as the world-class British athlete crossed the finish line completely overcome by the heat. After three weeks of much rest, Lindars is now feeling strong enough to get back to his trainings in full swing.

After his finish at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, Lindars was immediately taken care of by a medical team and after receiving good help there, Lindars was already able to recover on his own. Right after the medical help, he already gave this interview.

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Still, Lindars took it easy after that, but now he’s returning to the tough training schedules and is even looking at a possibility of racing somewhere this season: