Funny throwback Challenge Davos 2020: Andi Dreitz forgot his bike in T1

In two weeks, Challenge Davos is our next race. In beautiful Switzerland, this is one of the most challenging races around, thanks to the ascent of the world-famous Flüela Pass. Challenge Davos is scheduled for 26 August.

We immediately were thinking about the 2020 edition of Challenge Davos. The race was marked by incredibly bad weather and a pretty cold swim. This had a bad influence on none other than Andi Dreitz, who, once he finished swimming, completely forgot to take his bike out of T1. Only when he was called by the crowd next to T1, he did turn around and grab his bike after all. It made for a great video. Unfortunately the race got canceled ten minutes later due to thunderstorms.

Make sure to watch the video – which was posted by Dutch website – here: