2024 challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum

Long Distance Races at the place of modern and future of Korean history

The world’s longest 33.9km-long Saemangeum seawall with Eco-environment

2024 challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum

The safety width of roads with smooth road surfaces all around the course will bring you spectacular scenic and wonderful experiences

Gogunsan Island District provide you such a breath-taking scene on your bike course

Easy access from all around and welcoming from locals.

Gunsan is the historical site of Jinpodaecheop, the grounds of our life, and a valuable inheritance to be left to our descendants. In the central West Sea of harmony among fertile fields, rich sea, and quiet mountains, Gunsan is both a hi-tech industrial city and an international trading port. You can find graceful scenery of 63 inhabited and uninhabited islands after sailing 46km from the inner harbor. Among the isles, Seon-yu Isle has been long recognized as one of the Seon-yu Eight Famous Spots which are renowned for their natural beauty. Gogunsan Island District is located 50 kilometers to the southwest of Gunsan. The district of islands makes for such a breath-taking scene that it is affectionately known as the ‘Star Above the Lake.’ Sinsido, one of the most beautiful islands in the district, is located at the center of the Saemangeum Sea Dike connecting Gunsan and Buan.


Encircled by the world’s longest 33.9km-long Saemangeum seawall, This huge area is a city open to a new future where we work, live and play with Eco-Environment. Saemangeum Sea Dike is 33.9km long, certified by the World Guinness Records as the longest man-made sea barrier in the world in August 2010.


Gunsan and Saemangeum’s wonderful facilities and driver’s attitude are the reason why athletes can get a best venue in the world.


Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum’s bike and run courses with beautiful coastline and natural heritage sites designed at historical city will bring you more wonderful experiences.


We are looking forward to racing with you in Gunsan, Korea.