Challenge Family has joined forces with the team at TrainingPeaks to help athletes of all abilities achieve their peak race condition for Challenge Family events around the world.

The Challenge Family coaches are respected Danish athlete and coach, Michelle Vesterby, and established Spanish long-course coaching specialists, Resistentia. There are currently 12 Challenge Family training plans from each coach to choose from, depending on if the race is middle or long distance, if the course is flat or hilly and what the athlete’s target time is.

Whether first timers or seasoned athletes, these specialist training plans will help athletes meet their goals and provide structure to their training as they balance work, sport and family life.

TrainingPeaks is the global leader in providing expert instruction from the world’s best triathlon coaches. The all-in-one training platform — including the app, training plans and coaching services such as Coach Match — takes the guesswork out of preparing for a Challenge Family event.