LOCATION Vansbro, Sweden

RACE DATE 3 Jul 2022

DISTANCE Middle distance, Other

Challenge Vansbro

Five reasons to race Challenge Vansbro:

  1. Swedish summer with endless nights and splendid nature.
  2. The fresh water in river of Västerdalälven, straight from the mountains.
  3. Travelling in Dalarna and Vansbro is like experiencing a Sweden in miniature.
  4. We’ve been organizing open water races since 1950 and dare say that we’re really good at it.
  5. A tight race venue with all transitions at the same place.

About Vansbro

Vansbro is a small town in the heart of Dalarna. The area has a flourishing culture scene including annual events and many good performers. Fun fact: you might have heard “Hooked on a feeling”, soundtrack in Guardians of the galaxy from 2014, sung by Björn Skifs, well, Björn is born and raised in Vansbro. The Olympian cross country skiing star Gunde Svan is also living in Vansbro.
Except movie featured songs, Vansbro is also known for its beautiful nature with excellent hunting grounds, fishing waters, hiking trails and recreation areas – all year round.

About the race

Challenge Vansbro is a middle distance race in one of Sweden’s highest-ranked triathlon competitions among triathletes’ themselves. One of its many appreciated characteristics is the tight race venue with all transitions at the same place, just a few meters from the river.

The race starts in river Västerdalälven with fresh water, straight from the mountains. We have jetties along the course manned with volunteers for your safety during the swim. The second leg of the race takes place in the eastbound roads surrounded by forests, rivers and red cottages on a fast and flat course.

The running course is a 2 lap route that will take place in the city of Vansbro. Our friendly volunteers and the inhabitants will cheer you along the way.

After finishing the race you can get a well-deserved massage, get medical aid, eat food and enjoy the festive atmosphere on the arena.


3 Jul 2022


Vansbro, Sweden, Europe


Middle distance, Other

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