LOCATION Wuhan, China


DISTANCE Middle distance

Challenge Wuhan

Five reasons to race:

  1. Wuhan is the ancient, largest city in central China
  2. Beautiful scenery at all three courses
  3. The country and region are well known for their characteristic food
  4. Enjoy advanced culture and talents of the region
  5. Enthusiastic treatment for athletes; typical Chinese hospitality

About Wuhan:

Wuhan City, nicknamed as ‘Han City’, ‘River Side City’ or ‘Oriental Chicago’, is one of China’s mega-cities and national centers. It’s the capital of the Hubei province and is the largest city in central China. The city is split in two parts by the beautiful Yangtze River.

Next to the beautiful nature is Wuhan also known as the central region of politics, economics, finance, science and technology, culture and education.

The country’s most historical and cultural city, has the ‘nine provinces through the city’ reputation.

Course description:

All athletes will swim in the boundless Mulan Lake, which is clear as a mirror.

After the swim it’s time for a bike ride through the beautiful region of Wuhan. The fire tower line -a curved path around the lake like a long brown python, lounging shade of magnolia trees- is the most beautiful bike track in the region. The quality of the roads is excellent and the course is completly traffic-free, which makes your bike ride really pleasant.

The run offers you an opportunity as well to explore the region of Wuhan. After this final part of your race you will finish in the largest city in central China.


TBC May 2021


Wuhan, China, Asia


Middle distance

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