LOCATION San Gil, Queretaro, Mexico


DISTANCE Middle distance

Challenge San Gil

Five reasons to race:
1. One of Mexico´s oldest and most legendary long distance triathlon event.
2. Premium race in Mexico´s; a Challenge Family World Series event.
3. More than 1,300 athletes from Mexico, USA, Canada and Central America.
4. Great race Site, located in Central Mexico, Queretaro is one of the safest States in the Country and the race takes place in a the private community of San Gil.
5. Multisport events for the whole family in the Challenge San Gil weekend.

With the participation of athletes from Mexico, North and Central America, San Gil is one of the most traditional races in Mexico.

Triathletes start with a very nice swim in San Gil privatelake. The second leg of the race continues with a demanding bike course, first with an up and down hilly course throug San Fandila, and in the 45 km mark, a big climb starts
to the city of Amealco; full of beautiful landscapes and impressive road by the Ravine of Galindo After a big climb,comes a long downhill, where triathletes reach more than 45 miles per hour in the final kilometers of the downhill.

The run course takes place inside the Residential area of San Gil, people in the community offer additional support,aid stations, music, extra showers, etc..

Mexican families in San Gil are supportive and always happy to help athletes from around the world racing on their home soil.

Probably Challenge SANGIL is considered a tough event, but also it is considered a very nice location to race a Long Distance Triathlon.
Racing in Mexico is a great experience, you will fall in love with Mexico and with the Challenge – Family atmosphere too!!

Having Challenge San Gil Queretaro as part of Challenge Family Series highlights the importance of the race in Mexico and the state of Queretaro, this race site will ensure all participants a great triathlon in a really nice

The area is well known for its fine Hacienda Hotels, its architecture, its gastronomy and its colonial Style. Queretaro enjoys a warm climate most of the year, with more than 270 days of sunshine and a gentle temperature,
San Gil is ideal for training and competing at any time.


TBC Jul 2021


San Gil, Queretaro, Mexico, North America


Middle distance / Challenge Women / Junior Challenge

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