LOCATION Brasilia, Brazil

RACE DATE 19 Apr 2020

DISTANCE Middle distance

Challenge Cerrado

Five reasons to race: 

  1. Swimming in calm waters with an average temperature of 22°C in April;
  2. The cycling course is predominantly flat and fast, passing through tourist spots in Brasília;
  3. Wooded race track with a beautiful view on the shore of Lake Paranoá;
  4. Many leisure options, rich gastronomy and diverse cultural events;
  5. The region is a great ecotourism destination

About Brasilia: 

Brasília is the Federal Capital of Brazil, founded on April 21 of 1960 by President Juscelino Kubitschek and built from the ground up on the central plateau from the modern proposal of the architect Oscar Niemeyer, whose urban project, called Plano Piloto, has the shape of an aircraft. The Federal District concentrates the maximum organs of the Brazilian Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, being the political center of the country.

A capital that is synonymous with architecture. In the city you can visit numerous buildings signed by Oscar Niemeyer that are true works of art, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia, the National Congress, the JK Bridge and the Itamaraty Palace.

The Brazilian capital is a historically mixed city, as it was populated by people from all regions of Brazil, owner of a diverse culture and very influential in the national music scene.

From Brasília, it is possible to extend the trip and visit Chapada dos Veadeiros or Pirenópolis, which houses one of the most beautiful national parks in Brazil, composed of typical Cerrado vegetation, many trails and beautiful waterfalls.

Access to the Federal Capital of Brazil is quite simple, as there are several flight options from the most diverse places in the world to Brasilia International Airport (BSB), as well as internal transportation is easy to navigate. In addition, it has a wide and diversified hotel chain, with more than 25 thousand beds available.

About the race: 

CHALLENGECERRADO takes place in Pontão do Lago Sul, in Brasília, the largest leisure and entertainment center in the city on the banks of Lake Paranoá, where athletes from various regions of the country can enjoy, accompanied by their families, a beautiful natural environment and amenities such as excellent restaurants, water sports facilities, ample parking and easy access.

Swimming takes place in a single 1.9 km loop on Lake Paranoá, a postcard of Brasília, which has an area of ​​48 km² and is formed by the dammed waters of the Paranoá River.

The cycling has a mostly flat course, carried out in three loops of 30 km, with the beginning and end of Pontão do Lago Sul, which houses the transition zones of the event.

The race takes place on the shore of Lake Paranoá, towards the Peninsula of Ministers, in 2 laps of 10.5 km, within a wooded environment and with a beautiful view.

Sports practice in Brasília is very strong and CHALLENGECERRADO is a prestigious event in the Brazilian Capital, which in 2020 reaches its 5th edition, being the South American qualifying round for THECHAMPIONSHIP in Samorin, Slovakia.


19 Apr 2020


Brasilia, Brazil , South America


Middle distance / Middle distance / Sprint

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