LOCATION Budva, Montenegro

RACE DATE 25 Sep 2022

DISTANCE Middle distance

Challenge Budva-Montenegro

About Budva

Budva is a medieval city of more than 2,500 years old in Montenegro, Europe. This makes it one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast. It’s located in the central part of the Montenegrin coast and it is the centre of Montenegro tourism. The area surrounding Budva is called the Budva Riviera. Also part of Budva Riviera are the smaller tourist towns Bečići, Sveti Stefan and Petrovac. The towns of the Riviera boast cobbled streets, medieval towers, imposing battlements, formidable city walls and charming terracotta rooftops. These monuments mix perfectly with the more contemporary restaurants, bars and modern, luxury, up-market boutiques.

Behind the hotels, business- and residential buildings, closer to the sea, there is a multitude of hidden places nestling close to the villages. These places are blending in with the rocky hills, which are covered in olive trees, coniferous trees, oaks, hornbeam, ash or other Mediterranean and continental trees and vegetation.

The Budva coast is 21 km long with 17 beaches. It is among the most beautiful coasts in the world and its beauty will not leave you indifferent. Apart from its natural beauty, bay islands and beaches, Budva is rich with historic monuments.


  1. Swimming in the crystal blue Adriatic sea;
  2. Swim in, swim out, transition and finish line are in front of Old Town, the heart of Budva. Way to T1 like no other, through the narrow streets of Old Town!
  3. Cycling by the picturesque Montenegrian coast with stunning views;
  4. Running along sea foam and Budva promenade, with pure mediterian spirit;
  5. Spectator-friendly courses, in all 3 sports.

About the race

CHALLENGEBUDVA-MONTENEGRO is a middle-distance triathlon and a qualifying race for THECHAMPIONSHIP.


The swim start is located at the sandy Pizana Beach, in the eastern part of Old Town. During the swimming segment, athletes will have views on the beautiful walls of the Old Town. On the other side, their views will extend towards the blue open sea. During a big part of the swim, you will swim close to the coast. This makes the swim course very accessible to spectators.

The way to T1 is something really special. Athletes will go through the narrow and paved streets of Old Town, where the transition area is located under the city walls.


The Montenegrin coast is considered one of the most beautiful coasts on the Adriatic. The two-lap bike course starts with the flat part of the course through Budva and Bečići. After passing these two cities, the bike course will become more hilly. In this part of the course, you will bike along the famous Sveti Stefan and Petrovac, a fisherman village, were you’ll have stunning views of the surroundings.


The final part of the race, the two-lap run course, starts in the harbour and leads the athletes to Slovenska Beach. There, you will enter one of the best parts of the run course: the pedestrian tunnel which connects Budva and Bečići. On the run, you’ll pass all different things from small fishing boats and palm trees to a Mediterranean promenade. These are just some of the highlights that adorn this course. On the run course, there are many hot spots, which makes the run course very spectator-friendly.


25 Sep 2022


Budva, Montenegro, Europe


Middle distance

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