LOCATION Anhui, China


DISTANCE Full distance, Middle distance

Challenge Anhui

Five reasons to race Challenge Anhui:
1. Swimming in the scenic urban river 
2. Unique riding course on a scenic route, crossing the new town out of transition
3. Flat run course in the downtown area will provide unique experience 
4. Competition vibe ignited by live performance and enthusiastic audience 
5. First and only international triathlon event in mainland China 

About the race

CHALLENGEANHUI was the first ever CHALLENGEFAMILY Race in China, Asia. It consists of both a full-distance and middle-distance triathlon and is a qualifying race for THECHAMPIONSHIP.

Located in an area for international cultural tourism within a spectacular scenery of mountain ridges and lakes CHALLENGEANHUI will offer perfect conditions for athletes from all over the world. The swim course is set at the scenic urban river and followed by a ride along a bike course rich in variety in South Anhui. Finishing of the race athletes will conquer a super flat run course in the downtown area, which provides participants with the unique experience and vibe of live performances and an enthusiastic audience cheering for everyone.

“We are excited to welcome the participants to Anhui for an unforgettable event. Athletes will be treated to a stunning course with incredible scenery in South Anhui. CHALLENGEANHUI is the first and only international triathlon event in Mainland China and it is a privilege to join the worldwide series of CHALLENGEFAMILY Events”, says Hanju Yu, Race Director of CHALLENGEANHUI about the newest addition to the CHALLENGEFAMILY.


CHALLENGEFAMILY president of the board Zibi Szlufcik is more than happy to welcome the first ever chinese Race to the CHALLENGEFAMILY: “With the constantly growing number of Chinese athletes competing in CHALLENGEFAMILY races across the globe, we just can say: Good things need time and after several years of developments, CHALLENGEFAMILY finally arrived in China in the Anhui Province.”

He continues: “The stunning Southern Mountain with plenty of scenic spots in the home of the hickory tree and great logistics will host the inaugural CHALLENGEANHU. The Triathlon Sport Festival will provide athletes from all over the world with welcoming hospitality, brilliant courses on the middle and long distance as well as relays and side events. The experienced CHALLENGE ASIA PACIFIC and CHALLENGETAIWAN Team will work closely with the local organisers to deliver an excellent athlete experience in line with the CHALLENGEFAMILY principle: #All About The Athlete“


TBC Sep 2022


Anhui, China, Asia


Full distance, Middle distance

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