Challenge Family Professional Athlete Membership
If you would like to race as a professional you must apply for membership. This is to ensure the quality of fields and align with our anti doping policy.
Athlete’s that held a professional membership in the previous calendar year need only provide an updated copy of their current racing license or letter.

Challenge Family Professional Membership Policy
Challenge will grant athletes to race in the professional category at any Challenge event if you meet one of the criteria outlined below:

 The Challenge Family Professional Membership will be conducted on a calendar year, starting January 1, through to December 31 covering all full and middle distance Challenge events.
 Athletes will be required to submit a copy of their professional license issued by their respective National Triathlon Federation.
 Athletes who’s National Triathlon Federation does not issue an official professional license, a letter from a representative of the NTF confirming your professional status will be accepted. (If we do not receive a copy of your pro license or letter confirming your pro status, your pro membership will not be approved).
 Please scan and send document(s) to Please include country you reside (if different from license) and representing country for year to come.

 Once your documentation has been received and processed you will receive a confirmation e-mail validating your membership. You will only receive a confirmation e-mail if all information asked for above is included.
 You will then be eligible to receive the following entry benefits for any full or middle distance Challenge event
o Free entry for athletes ranked 1-250 in the Prize Money Ranking
o 50% of entry fee for athletes ranked from 251 – 400 in the Prize Money Ranking
o For athletes ranked 401 and above, entry benefits are at the discretion of the race director

There is NO cost to apply for this membership but is mandatory to race in the professional category at any full or middle distance Challenge event.
Athletes holding an elite/ professional status will not be permitted to race as an Age Group athlete in any Challenge or other-branded event. Cancellation of your Challenge Professional Membership will result if this is not strictly adhered too.