Triathlon, Ramon Arroyos best medicine


Ramon Arroyo – “I am really looking forward to race Challenge Salou because it means I can practice my best medicine … Triathlon!”

When he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Disease the doctors did not recommend him to do any sport. But not giving in pushed Ramon Arroyo to go even further than he could ever imagine.

Back in 2004 neurologists started to try new forms of treatments for Multiple Sclerosis patients and suggested physical activity to slow down the disease. “I started with running the impossible distance of 100 metres and step by step I became a “runner” taking part in several 10k and half marathon races”, remembers Ramon. During his first marathon preparation a friend of his running club suggested, that he might try Triathlon as it might be much better for his condition to try 3 different disciplines which could harm his body less and furthermore would be benefiting for his health.

“The history repeated again and I started with sprint races…then Olympic distance…half distance and in 2013 he took part in his first long distance race in Barcelona. He wanted to raise the awareness and visibility of the benefits of practicing sports with MS. “And I wanted to show that suffering from multiple sclerosis does not necessarily mean to sit in a wheel chair”, says Ramon.

For him Triathlon is more than race day itself. “The most fascinating part is the trip itself. All the preparation, the wonderful month of obsessive training sessions. And despite it is a sport for individuals, I love how many people you meet and make friends with during the preparation and during the race day”.

He has the perfect mantra to describe his own journey: “Surrender is not an option!”. “We all have limits, but are much further away from what we believe is possible…motivation, hard work and a good team will raise you up to meet any of your “incredible” challenges”.