Sebastian Kienle about Challenge Davos: ‘rewarded with an absolutely ridiculous strong pro field’

One of the biggest names at CHALLENGEDAVOS will be Sebastian Kienle. The German former World Champion is looking forward to August 29th and can’t wait to get back racing: “I’m definitely not peeking right now, that’s for sure. Still I think I will be in a pretty good shape, because basically I was very strong throughout the year.”

Yet Kienle looks back on a difficult year. “Not only due of corona, but also because of some private things. Unfortunately it’s not possible to delete this year and I’m still here trying to make the best out of it. But yes, 2020 definitely will stick to our brains for a couple of while, not with lots of good memories to be honest.” In spite of this, the German had no trouble maintaining his motivation. ”I didn’t struggle to keep motivated until may, because I was still hoping and thinking that there would be some races. In June we went for our first altitude camp, which motivates me even more thanks to training with other people and another surroundings. But, I have to admit that this was the first time for me for over 15 years that I had no races on the calendar. It definitely changed a lot.”

‘Not peeking, but in a pretty good shape’

As if the year wasn’t hard enough, Kienle crashed his bike a few weeks ago and broke his collarbone. ,,After the surgery, we didn’t rush because there was no need to. We did take it carefully, so I recovered really fast. But, thanks to this I’m definitely not peeking right now and missing some shape. Still I’m not concerned and I think I will be in a pretty good shape at CHALLENGEDAVOS.”

Kienle thinks the most important is that CHALLENGEDAVOS will take place. “One of the positive things about this whole situation is that you are kind of forced to do some new races. I’ve had pretty the much same schedule for quite some years and I did the races I loved to, the big races where the sponsors wanted me to race and the races with the most media attention. It’s actually kind of sad that you don’t have chance to do more races and races like CHALLENGEDAVOS, which I normally don’t pick so fast because I’m a little bit to heavy for the course.”

‘Pro field is absolutely stellar’

Kienle is therefore extra motivated to race in Davos. “The course is great and the pro field is absolutely stellar”, he adds laughing. “It’s ridiculous strong. This is going to be a good advertisement for the race and that makes me very happy.” Of course Kienle is looking to title defender Pieter Heemeryck as one of his toughest opponents. “But on a course like this there will be quite some strong athletes where the wider audience don’t know about. I would like to name Maximilian Sasserath for example, in our region known as a very good climber. Last year he beat me on a small race and he can put amazing numbers. Lets see if he holds up against the reality check.” Kienle also mentions Kristian Blummenfelt and Thomas Steger as fierce opponents.