Recipe: Frittata

Jaimielle Jacobs is a certified Health and Nutrition Coach, multiple AG Triathlon Champion and Wellbeing Expert. Jaimielle specialises in, increasing health and immunity, reducing anxiety, and leading clients to their ideal body composition. Together with husband, and former world triathlon champion Pete Jacobs, Jaimielle is the co founder of global Health and Performance company Live Your Own Fit. Their mission is to help people change their lives, with increased health, immunity, nutrition and wellbeing strategies.

“We are experiencing a monumental stressful period of our lives at present. Pete and Jamielle are working hard to bring you nourishing recipes and wellness strategies so we can get through this together, stronger. To combat our anxiety ridden thoughts eroding our everyday lives, we can start instilling new habits and behaviours: learning how to prepare 5 minute meals can be a game changer, so lets dive in!

Jamielle is going to share her favourite recipes with all of us every week. Today she’s showing us how to make this easy, healthy and delicious dish: Frittata.

When we lack nutrients and vitamins, our immune system can become compromised, as cortisol levels are continuously high, spiking insulin levels and subsequently increasing fat, whilst creating inflammation and accelerating the ageing process. In addition our digestive system is compromised with minimal blood flow to that area as blood now flows to our limbs in preparation for a quick getaway (known as ’fright and flight’ syndrome or sympathetic nervous system).

By eating real food that is full of healthy protein, fats and whole food carbohydrates, we aim to have minimal blood glucose spikes, which promotes consistent even energy levels, focus, clarity, and fat burning.”

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