Pros looking forward to have fun on ‘the Muur’ of SKODA CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN

All of the pros participating at SKODACHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN are really looking forward to one of the most iconic races including the world famous ‘Muur van Geraardsbergen’. Every pro expressed the same at the press conference. ,,This course is so amazing and so spectacular. We are ready for it.”

There will be 29 pros at the starting line: 11 women and 18 men. In total there will be almost 900 participants divided over all the distances. One of the athletes on the Middle Distance to keep an eye on, definitely is title defender Trevor Wurtele. ,,We already had the chance to check out the course. Of course I remember a lot of it because of my win last year. I definitely came back to have a good race and to win here. I want to put full energy in this race. I’d love to be on top here and win the race again.”

Wurtele can expect huge competition of Dylan McNeice. He finished third at the Long Distance CHALLENGEVENICE last weekend and still is very eager to win. ,,It’s very good to be at Geraardsbergen. Last year I really loved the race and then I was sure that I wanted to be back here. It’s so amazing and fun. Maybe it’s not an ideal combination doing a full distance and a middle distance in one week but I hope it’s a good one.”

Also the Belgian Pieter Heemeryck is ready to make a nice race, even more after his fourth place at THECHAMPIONSHIP last weekend. ,,I guess I’m in great shape. But of course a lot of guys wants to win here. I’m really looking forward to the race and especially the ‘no rain’ forecast is great. I hope this time I can go up the Muur two times by bike in stead of one time on bike and one time running last year.”

Outsiders for the race are Joe Skipper (,,The last climb is really tough and it’s going to be very interesting.”) and Evert Scheltinga (,,The course is really hard and challenging, but that’s what I like. A lot can happen there!”)

Women’s title defender
The women’s race has also it’s title defender back in Geraardsbergen. Tine Deckers. ,,It’s always amazing to win in your own country with lots of support. It’s so alive here with more registrations and tons of supporters. Everybody knows my name here. That’s so special. I hope this race will stay here for a very long time.”

Heather Wurtele looks like a great contender. ,,I was a little bit jealous while watching Trevor win last year. It looked so spectacular. You don’t get so often courses like this in North America. Let’s go for it tomorrow. With this great contenders it will be fun.”

Katrien Verstuyft, second at CHALLENGELISBOA earlier this season, hopes to be on fire as well. ,,I think I can do even more then I have shown so far. I’d love to be even stronger on the Middle Distance, especially on the biking part. It’s always fun to have support of family and friends because then you can push it even harder.”