Media report massively on announcement Challenge Barcelona

Earlier this week we announced our newest race on the calendar: Challenge Barcelona. Naturally, we are particularly proud of the fact that this race takes place right in the center of this world-famous and very popular city. We are delighted to see that the announcement of the race was met with great enthusiasm all over the world. Below is a small selection of the various media reports.


TRI 247: Challenge Barcelona Triathlon sees 76.5km distance added into the mix (click here for full article)

Triathlon Today: Challenge Family adds Challenge Barcelona: racing in downtown Barca (click here for full article) A more international Barcelona Triathlon arrives with the incorporation to the Challenge Family Circuit (click here for full article)


Tri-mag: Neuer Name, Neue Distanz: Barcelona Triathlon wird Challenge Barcelona (click here for full article)


Planeta Triatlon: Nace el Challenge Barcelona Triathlon: neuva distancia y prueba puntuable para la PTO (click here for full article)

Betevé: Challenge Triathlon 2023: nom i format nous per al triatló d’aquest an (click here for full article)

Objetivo Triatlon: Challenge Family aterriza en Barcelona (click here for full article)

Triatletas en red: ¡Ya es una realidad! Challenge llega a Barcelona el próximo octubre (click here for full article)


3athlon: Challenge Family voegt Challenge Barcelona toe: racen in hartje centrum (click here for full article)