It’s official: The Middle Distance Triathlon St. Pölten and CHALLENGEFAMILY are joining forces. The agreement was signed and sealed at CHALLENGEROTH on July 5, 2019.

The first ever CHALLENGEST.PÖLTEN will take place on May 24, 2020. A traditional race under a new brand featuring the same proven components: 2,000 volunteers doing their best to support all the athletes and award-winning courses: a unique swim in two crystal clear lakes, a 90 km bike track with a 25 km section on a completely closed highway and through the unique Wachau, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Ultimately, a running course, that leads twice through the baroque city center. Preparations are already in full swing to provide the athletes with an unforgettable race in St. Pölten.

Photo: Petra Schwarz (Bestzeit), Zibi Szlufcik (CEO Challenge Family), Christoph Schwarz (Bestzeit)

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