CHALLENGEFAMILY will join forces with two big names in the endurance sports event sector – LONG COURSE WEEKEND and HAUTE ROUTE. It is a big step forward for all three companies founded on an inclusive, innovative and family-orientated approach and so many athletes worldwide will benefit from this quality focused collaboration. Zibi Szlufcik, CEO of CHALLENGEFAMILY says: ”Due to the fact, LONG COURSE WEEKEND, HAUTE ROUTE and CHALLENGEFAMILY all share the same values and focus 100% on athlete experience, this cooperation is simply a natural fit. Quality experience, excellent value for money, respect for the sport and hosting community, sustainability and innovations have been drivers of our growth and we are extremely proud to align with world wide leaders like LONG COURSE WEEKEND and HAUTE ROUTE to grow and bring the mass participation sport to the next level.

Also Matthew Evans, CEO of LONG COURSE WEEKEND, is more than happy to announce the partnership: „We are proud to be announcing this collaboration; as from the outset, we share so many values and now opportunities of working alongside each other. Events have to adapt an outside the box mentality as athletes, supporters and communities continually evolve to raise the standard of world class events across the globe. Opportunities always come from keeping an open mind and we believe that having this platform will help develop both organisations, not just in terms of growth, but more importantly, the depth of the relationships we have with athletes, supporters, sponsors and the communities in which we operate.“

And for Matt Holden, CEO of HAUTE ROUTE, it is equally important: “I’m delighted to announce the HAUTE ROUTE partnership with CHALLENGEFAMILY. CHALLENGEFAMILY shares many similar values not only across their events, but amongst their staff and company overall.

We strive to provide events that are inclusive, sustainable and that build a community of athletes who enjoy excellent experiences all across the globe.

Having CHALLENGEFAMILY and LONG COURSE WEEKEND associated to our brand new « Road to Haute Route Program » is a strong message to our riders and to the endurance athletes in general. « Road to Haute Route » aims to provide the most powerful endurance sports calendar to our riders because cycling is perfect training for triathlon and triathlon is perfect training for achieving greater performances during the HAUTE ROUTE ».

About LCW 

LONG COURSE WEEKEND is now the largest multisport event of its kind, celebrating 10 years in Wales this year and looking to host 12,000 athletes in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. The event is now moving globally with events in Holland, Mallorca and Australia. Targeting everyone from 5k athletes through to full distance triathletes, it has become the event of choice for families, clubs and professional athletes alike.

About Haute Route

The HAUTE ROUTE is the world’s first global series of multi-day cycling events for amateur riders. Providing all participants with a true “ride-like-a-pro” experience both on and off the bike, HAUTE ROUTE events take place over either 3 or 7 days in the most iconic cycling destinations across the globe. Tying in perfectly with CHALLENGEFAMILY events, riding an HAUTE ROUTE can be great training for a CHALLENGEFAMILY event, whilst racing a CHALLENGEFAMILY event can also help improve your HAUTE ROUTE performances.

About Challenge Family

CHALLENGEFAMILY is the fastest growing global triathlon series. With 34 full and middle distances in 23 different countries, CHALLENGEFAMILY is changing the face of triathlon around the world. Due to spectacular courses in iconic destinations, no CHALLENGEFAMILY race is like another. Focusing on delivering the race of a lifetime to athletes of all ages and abilities, CHALLENGEFAMILY races provide memorable experiences that capture all the excitement and emotions of this inspirational sport.