Challenge Taiwan Launches Virtual Online Triathlon

You may not have a chance to compete in CHALLENGEFAMILY races abroad. Or during the off-season, it seems like there are no targets to strive for or goals to achieve. But we all know that being a triathlete “never stops improving”. From now on, no more excuses and it’s time to take on the world!

CHALLENGETAIWAN has announced a series of multiple online virtual triathlons and duathlons using the new CHALLENGEASIAPACIFIC App and combined with tracking devices, allowing athletes to join the online virtual triathlon at any time and anywhere. There are no boundaries for triathlon! 

The series will launch with an online duathlon, designed to kickstart people back into competition.

Lockdown has severely limited training to indoors for many, but with restrictions gradually being lifted it’s time to get outside and show how hard you’ve worked, despite the lockdown.

All that time on the indoor bike trainer, treadmill, squats, sit-ups, stairs, and jump rope were not in vain! Join the CHALLENGETAIWAN online duathlon, together with friends and family and let the results speak for themselves!

To download the app, search for “Challenge Asia Pacific” on the App Store or Google Play.

For more information about the CHALLENGETAIWAN Virtual Online Triathlon/Duathlon, visit