Challenge Regensburg

Many of you have probably already heard, that the event organiser of Challenge Regensburg, to be more precise, Purendure Verwaltungs GmbH, made an application for
the opening of insolvency proceedings on 22. December 2017. The Purendure Verwaltungs GmbH is a general partner of Purendure Event GmbH & Co. KG, which not
only hosted Challenge Regensburg, but also ran a sporting goods store in Regensburg, organised sporting vacations and held running, swimming and triathlon seminars. Based
on our current state of knowledge, the insolvency proceedings have not yet been opened, but rather an independant consultant has been appointed, who, amongst other matters,
will examine whether there is cause for insolvency. Like you, Challenge Family learned of Mr. Tajsich’s insolvency application from the media.
As many of you already know, we extraordinarily terminated the existing license contract with Purendure Event due to business damaging behavior and non-payment of license
conditions. For months and until last we tried everything possible to avoid taking this last step, because we are fully aware of the consequences that cancelling an event causes in
terms of trouble, inconvenience and moreover the heavy financial burden you sustain. We really would have liked to have spared you of all of this! However, a compromise requires
a disposition from both sides. Unfortunately at the end of November the time came, where we saw no further opportinity to continue the cooperation with Purendure Event and Mr.
Tajsich, not even until after the Challenge Regensburg 2018. For this reason, we took the reluctant step to extraordinarily terminate the contract. As in family life and indeed within
Challenge Family, family members fall out and in the worst case, go their seperate ways. We wish Mr Tajsich and his family all the best for their private and professional future.
Because our policy is all about the athlete and our actions focus on you, we would like to demonstrate that the word FAMILY is not just letters in our name: Should insolvency
proceedings be opened regarding the assets of Purendure Verwaltungs GmbH, we would like to offer all athletes, who for this reason will lose their entry to the Purendure Event
‚Challenge Regensburg’, a free entry to a Challenge race of your choice in 2018.

An additional condition is however, that this event still has space and no qualification is required to take part. Simply send an email to with the race of
your choice and evidence that you will lose your entry for reasons of the insolvency.
Best wishes and see you at the finish line!