Former CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM winner Camille Deligny is going to race CHALLENGEANHUI next week. We spoke to the French athlete about her preperations and expectations of the race. 

“The shape is good, no health glitch, the preparation went well. The season was well filled with seventeen races. I had disappointments on my goal races, but I was comforted by podiums on my other races. It was a year of testing and experimentation and I learned a lot during this season. I will be able to use my experience for CHALLENGEANHUI.”

The 29 year old triathlete is looking forward to race in a new continent:

“This race will be the last of the year, it will be an opportunity to express myself on my favorite distance and also to discover a small piece of China, this distant and intriguing country. I love great outdoors and the bike course of CHALLENGEANHUI offers the chance to discover exceptional preserved landscapes. It is also the opportunity to discover a country with strong cultural and culinary traditions. It’s for all these reasons that I chose to end my season at CHALLENGEANHUI.”

In the end Deligny is looking ahead to the race on October 20th:

“I will familiarize with the courses before the race, but I don’t want to race by any plan on raceday. I will let the flow and adrenaline work for me. I have confidence in my abilities, especially on the full distance. The work is already in the legs, now let’s see what happens.”