Pasta Party


We’ll notify you! We have devoted much time and effort to plan a Pasta Party at the level of what you deserve, please come hungry and eat everything!
The Challenge Peguera-Mallorca’s Pasta Party take place at the Casal de Peguera. It consists of an overflowing food buffet , where pasta and other carbohydrates are the starring.
Remember, we love to show our cooking skills so in the Challenge Peguera-Mallorca’s Pasta Party  you will find plenty of choice, and an excellent variety of international flavors and recipes.
Further, to liven up the food, we will have entertainment, music and others hungry triathletes.

Remember that the PASTA PARTY is free for participants of Challenge Peguera-Mallorca. You must show your bracelet athlete and your Pasta Party ticket.

Purchase additional tickets: may be bought at registration or at the entrance. But…I would not wait until the very end… they may be sold out!


– TBA (over 12 years old),

– TBA (for children aged 5 to 12)

– free for children under 5.

We want Challenge Peguera-Mallorca to be an unforgettable experience for you, first, we will conquer your palate!

Pasta party info:
Day: 18th of october
Place: Casal de Peguera
Hour: TBA

Pasta Party