Be prepared and read our briefing. Everything you need to know about the race is in there!

Athletes Guide

Download the CHMALLORCA English Athletes Guide 2018 here and prepare yourself for the race. This guide is for all Middle distance athletes.

NB: the information in this guide can be subject to changes. Please check our website or ourFacebook page regularly for updates, and make sure you’re present during the briefing on Friday before the race.


18/10/19 11:30 h PRO briefing Casal de Peguera
18/10/19 12 h German briefing Casal de Peguera
18/10/19 12:30 h English briefing Casal de Peguera
18/10/19 16 h Spanish briefing Casal de Peguera

The main aim of the briefing is to inform about all the important detais of the competition and the last news. In the meeting we will explain all the courses with an special interest to inform you about the key points, traffic areas, etc. This meeting is MANDATORY for all the racers.

App Challenge Family

Download our free app from the Google Play Store or Apple App store and stay up-to-date with the latest news about CHALLENGEPEGUERA MALLORCA. The app also contains race results and information about the events during the weekend. Search for ‘Challenge Family’ or ‘Challenge Family Data