LOCATION Poznań, Poland


DISTANCE Full distance, Middle distance

Challenge Poznan

Five reasons to race:
1. Amazingly fast cousre: shallow reservoir, broad flat bike route and running route with a clear view on the course of competition

2. Easy to spectate thanks to concentration of routes, transition zones, start and finish line, right at the stands for the fans
3. Thousands of devoted fans line the course
4. Dozens of tourist attractions – monuments from the beginnings of Poland, historic fortifications, modern architecture and an exceptional zoo
5. Hosting the official ETU European Long Distance Triathlon Championships

Challenge Poznań takes place in Poznań – the capital of Greater Poland, and the birthplace of the Polish State. Poznań is a modern city of business, also abundant in green areas and the relics of the beginnings the Polish statehood. They include the historic old market square with the city hall, the emperor’s castle and the 9th century Arch-cathedral Basilica – the first cathedral in Poland. The hub of the event is located at a picturesque Maltańskie Lake, which was many times the arena of the most important sport events in the world – World and Europe Championship in canoeing, rowing, dragon boat races as well as the European Cup in triathlon in 2006. Challenge Poznan is the first edition of the event in the Challenge Family, and, at the same time the third edition of the triathlon in Poznań, one of the largest triathlon events in Europe, attracting more than 2,600 triathletes from all over the world.

A characteristic feature of the event is an incredibly quick route and incomparable support from the spectators. For years, Poznań has been famous for extremely passionate and devoted fans who line the course throughout the swim, bike and run guarantees an amazing experience for the athletes. The route is very flat and wide, making it possible to achieve record time results.

The route of the event in Poznań belongs to the fastest triathlon routes in the world and certainly encourages excellent scores and even records at this distance.

The swimming stage takes place on the boat race track of the Maltańskie Lake. Athletes, thanks to the oblong shape of the lake, swim on the initial section of the route right next to the shore, and then return to the finish line right at the stands for more than 1500 people, offering support for the athletes already at the swimming stage, incomparable to any other events in the world. The shallow reservoir shielded from wind provides very favourable conditions for navigation and achieving fast swim times.

Owing to a few hills, very wide roads with top-quality road surface and a limited number of bends, the bike course is perfect for a personal best. It heads along a two-lane national road both in the city and through surrounding towns and villages. As a result, athletes can count on excellent support from the fans almost within the whole route of the competition.

The run takes place on an asphalt sidewalk around the Maltańskie Lake. The running route, similarly to the cycling one, is almost completely flat and runs entirely through picturesque areas at the lake. At each loop, the athletes run past the finish line and the stands among thousands of supporters, which creates an incredible atmosphere, comparable to no other triathlon event in Poland, and few other events in the world.

Apart from support from the fans, we guarantee to every participant the support which you have never experienced before – starting from preparations for the event, up to the finisher zone, abundant in meals. You are warmly welcome to come to Poznań!


TBC Jun 2018


Poznań, Poland, europe


Full distance, Middle distance

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