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Challenge Vietnam


Next Race: 27 August 2017


Feel the sand between your toes, come to Nha Trang and race the coast.

Five reasons to race:

  1. Race-cation: a multitude of activities not only for the athlete participant but for their entire family as well. Everything from swimming, biking, and running in a spectacular beach setting to the plethora of water sports and exploring for the family.
  2. High-energy city, which will be giving full support to the organization and event, as well as to each and every athlete that, will be racing at the event.
  3. Having the race in the heart of the city, participants and spectators will be able to fully experience and immerse themselves in the culture, take in all its sights, as well as experience the beauty and mystery that is Vietnam.
  4. Food, Food, Food and more MOUTH-WATERING Food!
  5. The most memorable POST RACE CELEBRATION that is guaranteed to make you wish the entire race experience would not come to an end.

Nha Trang enjoys a stunning setting: ringed by a necklace of hills, with a sweeping crescent beach, the city’s turquoise bay is dotted with tropical islands. Parks and sculpture gardens spread along the impressive promenade, while the streets inland reveal some quirky boutiques and a cosmopolitan array of dining options.

The Challenge Nha Trang course makes the most of its spectacular setting. Enjoy the warm waters of Nha Trang, your swim will be a challenge but enjoyable. As you swim you will have the sights of the city, the coastline, the mountain range, and an island at your disposal for getting your bearings as you swim, not forgetting to mention the beauty of each sight.

Your bike ride is consisting of racing along the coastline. The coastline passes through the resort segment of the city, the local boat harbour and along cliffs. It will definitely be enjoyable with its winding clear streets and undulating terrain enabling you to gain speed for the push  back to race central.

Running along the coastline, you will experience the cool warm breeze of the sea air. This is all accompanied by the sight and sounds of the people and the resort. People will be teaming along the streets to cheer you on for your final stretch of the race. The race way will be dotted by shade from groups of trees which will give you an escape from the warm sunny day.


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