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Challenge Innovation Camp

Posted on: Sunday 21st September 2014

21-29 SEPTEMBER 2014

The first Challenge Innovation Camp, based in Paguera Triathlon Village, aims to put an end to the power loss in hot races. In collaboration with IdeniX, plus sports scientists from Sporthochschule Köln we have developed a training camp with the main focus on thermoregulation and heat problems at hot races. It deals comprehensively with the use of active cooling garments during training and cooling to accelerate and optimize personal regeneration.

The aim of the cooling application is to minimize the effort of the body for cooling down by thermoregulation and by sweating as little as possible. This leads to less dehydration, less mineral loss and lower energy consumption. All these factors increase the efficiency and can be the difference in the race.

Not only triathlon pros, also age-grouper need to be protected from radiation heat and it is important to avoid heat exhaustion and to retain ultimate performance, even in extreme heat. Just 1% difference in performance can be the difference between victory or defeat for pro athletes. Sports science studies have shown the application of cooling garments provide values ​​of 3-10% more power.

The right temperature and the effort of the body for thermoregulation plays an important role – keeping the core body temperature at lower levels and protected from overheating is the main goal to get best performance in race.

The aim of the training camp is to give scientific support for all athletes and a feeling of the use with active cooling garments under strong conditions and in hot circumstances. The focus is on the application during training, the optimization of regeneration after exercise and if necessary modifications for the race. Everybody participant is able to test the gear during the camp and experience to entire portfolio of IdeniX. The test samples can be purchased for a special price.

To find out more, email us by clicking here.

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