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A word from High5

Posted on: Wednesday 14th November 2012


Our Aim
The aim of High5 is to improve each and every athlete’s performance – from those winning a Challenge to those finishing just before the cut off time. With the right nutrition strategy, everyone can go faster, race stronger and enjoy their event more.

Who We Are
High5 has been around the tri scene for almost 20 years. We make some of the very best sports nutrition for endurance athletes. We consult closely with sports scientists and use the latest research when developing our products, but as importantly, we work hard to ensure that our nutrition works in the real world.

To that end, we team up with top triathletes including Rasmus Henning and Marino Vanhoenacker who form part of our product development team. I run High5 with my brother Tim. We have completed many Iron Distance races including Hawaii, the 8 day Trans Alp, the RAAM and a 12,000km ride around Australia (twice). We know what nutrition development will make useful products and what will not.

Products have to be easy on the stomach, lightly flavoured and not too sweet. Energy drinks have to be refreshing and not too acidic, but also deliver high levels of energy and fast hydration. Gels need to be easy to ‘get down’ and not come back up. Our nutrition ticks all of the boxes and it’s a bonus that we also use natural ingredients and everything tastes nice.

Race Faster Nutrition
The last 5 years have seen massive advances in sports nutrition. High5 were the first company in the world to use 2:1 fructose (fruit sugar) in sports drinks. This allows 50% more carbohydrate to reach the working muscles as compared to traditional sports drinks – up from 60g to 90g of carbohydrate per hour. Fluid delivery is also exceptionally fast and the 2:1 formulation is easy on the stomach. When you add moderate doses of caffeine, some athletes have been able to absorb more than 110g of carbohydrate per hour. NB. High5 2:1 fructose EnergySource (citrus) will be the sports drink on-course at all Challenge events.

How much difference can that additional carbohydrate make? A 75kg athlete would normally start an event (Carbo-loaded) with around 700g of carbohydrate stored in their body. If they raced 11 hours, they could easily absorb 1,000g of additional carbohydrate using our 2:1 fructose drinks. This can make a massive difference to your performance. And remember that if you are out on-course more than 11 hours, the total amount of carbohydrate you can get from your race day nutrition will be even more.

We produce a step-by-step advanced nutrition guide explaining how to get the most from 2:1 fructose and moderate doses of caffeine. This is written in a number of languages and is available here.

We are excited to be part of your Challenge experience and wish you the very best in your training and event.

PS we do some great training products too!

Mick Atkinson
Director – High5

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